Friday, December 28, 2012

Miracles,part I


  David Hume in his examination of miracles, corollary to the Flew-Lamberth the presumption of naturalism, does not beg the question thereof. He observes that it would be a miracle indeed to find such testimony to overcome the presumption  that naturalism explains miracles as just natural events, even frauds.

  No evidence comes forth, but only hearsay that any biblical, qur'anic or other miracles occurred. No one today comes forth with any real evidence for any. Those for which the Vatican vouchsafes stem from faith-based experts, who ignore reality as skeptics can adduce what really happens.

  Statues that weep have chemistry at work. Faith-healing and exorcisms can injure or kill people.

  For us full skeptics, science exhumes gargantuan fancies, yet true!


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